Korean Drama recommendations, part 2

Hello, I’m Anna! As I said last week, I’m going to recommend some Korean historical dramas. Sometimes, they are more interesting and popular. In Korea, historical dramas is loved by people of all ages. I think you also like them. If you watch historical dramas, you can learn Korean history. but as you know they can… Continue reading Korean Drama recommendations, part 2


Korean Drama recommendations, part 1

Hello, I’m Anna! I will go back to Korea soon.. : ( After going back to Korea, I will watch dramas I couldn’t watch for a while >_< I heard many Korean dramas is exported to other countries. And I met many friends who like Korea dramas for real! Therefore, I’m going to recommend some… Continue reading Korean Drama recommendations, part 1

Hanboks for everyday wear

Hello~ As I said last week, I’m going to introduce Hanboks for everyday wear. On May, I will travel around US for a month. If I had brought casual Hanbok to here, I would have worn it during the travel… Anyway, Price of traditional Hanbok is expensive, but price of casual one is cheaper than traditional… Continue reading Hanboks for everyday wear

Hanbok, Korean Traditional Clothes

Hello! The one thing I regret is that I didn’t bring Hanbok to America. If I brought it from Korea, I’d show its beauty. I’m so sad : ( Therefore, I’m going to introduce various Hanbok today. As you know, every country has its own traditional clothes. Korea also has its own, but today the… Continue reading Hanbok, Korean Traditional Clothes

2 Types of Easy Korean Ramen Recipes

Hi! How was your day? Today, we are going to cook 2 different types of Korean ramen, Shin ramen and Chapagetti. These two ramen recipes are quite different, because Shin ramen has soup, but Chapagetti doesn’t. I will add some ingredients to help the ramen taste more delicious. Shin Ramen First, I’m going to cook… Continue reading 2 Types of Easy Korean Ramen Recipes

Top 7 Korean Ramens I Like

Hi! How are you? As I promised last week, I’m going to talk about Korean ramens. Koreans eat instant ramen not only because it is delicious but also when they don’t want to cook rice (like my mother.) Their recipes are really simple. Let’s cook some remens togeter at the next time! At this time, I just… Continue reading Top 7 Korean Ramens I Like

Cooking with Kimchi, Kimchi Fried Rice

Hi! How are you? Today, I’d like to introduce an application of kimchi. Many of my foreign friends  know Tteokbokki but don’t know kimchi fried rice. I like kimchi fried rice as much as Tteokbokki and it is easier to cook than Tteokbokki. Let’s make it together. Here is ingredients of kimchi fried rice for 2… Continue reading Cooking with Kimchi, Kimchi Fried Rice