Korean New Year’s Day Food


2 weeks ago, Fab 8 was the Koran new year’s day!

In Korea, we have to eat specific food to be a year old.

That is tteokguk!

I will explain how to make tteokguk for two people in easiest way.

You just need to follow with me : )

IMG_5352At first, let’s look at ingredients for tteokguk.

We need 2 egges, beef, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, ground black pepper, green onions, dried anchovy, and sliced rice cake.

IMG_5353You cannot buy these dried anchovy and sliced rice cake in normal markets.

You should go to Korean market nearby your area.

IMG_5354Before handling other ingredients, soak sliced rice cake in the cold water for 15 mins.

IMG_5391Break two eggs and mix like this.

IMG_5382Cut beef into cubes.

If you like meet, you can put it as much as you want.

IMG_5361Heat sesame oil in a pan over medium or medium low.

IMG_5383IMG_5386Sprinkle half of a spoon salt and pepper on beef cubes.

If beef is done enough, set it aside.

IMG_5356Now, you need 5 dried anchovies.

This step is a little hard. You should concentrate more!

IMG_5357If you cut the fish open, you can see the black things.


It is anchovy’s organ. We need to remove this.Ta-da!

IMG_5355Pour three cups of water into a pot.

IMG_5360Put the anchovies in the pot.

IMG_5379Remove them from the pot when water come to the boil.

IMG_5387IMG_5389Put three spoons of soy sauce and less than half of salt.

IMG_5390IMG_5392Put the sliced rice cake into the boiling water.

And put beef cubes when the rice cake soften.

Few minutes later (around 2 mins) put some sliced green onions as much as you want.


Lastly,  stir in the prepared eggs drawing circles.

Boiling the soup for few minutes (about 10 mins.)


We made it!

Set dishes and enjoy your meal ♡>_<♡

I will bring another easy recipe for Korean food next week.

See you next time : )


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