Hanbok, Korean Traditional Clothes


The one thing I regret is that I didn’t bring Hanbok to America.

If I brought it from Korea, I’d show its beauty.

I’m so sad : (

Therefore, I’m going to introduce various Hanbok today.

As you know, every country has its own traditional clothes.

Korea also has its own, but today the Hanbok is simplified and modernized.

First, let me show you traditional Hanbok.

We wear it at Seollal, lunar new year’s day, Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, a wedding, and etc.

These are very basic styles of Hanbok.

There are a few different styles.

The top of Hanbok can be longer.

We call the top of Hanbok Geogori.

You can see a ribbon on the Geogori.

It is important to tie the ribbon well.

You can see traditional Hanbok more on the linked website.

Link: Sodam, couple Hanbok

These Hanboks are inspired by a famous Korean geisha, Hwang Jin Yi.

We call Korean geisha, Gisaeng.

If you are interested in her story or want to see more beautiful Hanbok, I recommend you see the drama ‘Hwang Jin Yi.’

You can see it free on the linked website.

Link: Dramafever, Hwang Jin Yi

These are costumes of Korean king and queen.

There is an interesting royal story in the Joseon Dynasty period.

You can see royal Hanbok more in this drama, but it can be a little different from original story.

In this drama, characters actually existed, but the story is fiction.

Link: Dramafever, Jang Ok Jung


These are traditional wedding costumes.

We still wear them when we get married.

At first, we have an American style wedding, then a Korean style wedding, in which we wear these Hanboks.

And if you want to see traditional Hanbok, you can visit this websites.

Link: Sonjjang, royal and special Hanbok

We also have Hanbok for party.

These are short versions of Hanbok dresses.

You can see more on the linked website.

Link: Sonjjang, mini Hanbok dresses

These are long versions of Hanbok dresses.

If you want to see more dresses, please click the link.

Link: Sonjjang, long Hanbok dresses

You can see this kind of fusion-Hanbok more in a drama, Goong.

In an imaginary world, modern-day Korea is run by a constitutional monarchy.

Here is the link of the drama.

Link: Dramafever, Goong

So far, I introduced types of Hanbok that we wear on special days.

Next time, I will show you Hanboks for everyday wear.

Price of traditional Hanbok is at least 200 dollars to buy.

However, price of daily Hanbok is cheaper than traditional Hanbok, from 25 to over 100 dollars.

See you next time!


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